How Do You Choose a style that’s right for you?

Put me in a crowd of people, doesn’t matter where, and it’s as if you took a candy addict to a candy store. I’m in heaven.  I’ve always been that person who watches everyone.  Always looking at peoples overall looks, trying to figure out what went right and what went wrong. Believe me. I am not judging them. How you wear your hair and makeup and how you dress is completely up to you. But It’s what I do. It’s what I have been doing for over 30 years. And I think I love it more everyday!  

 My training early in my career was with an Italian company that has instilled in me the core of what my work is all about. It’s about Creating the beautiful woman. The Naturally beautiful woman. Polished but not overdone. Classy. 

 Before you can even pick a style you have to be realistic. A good haircut does most of the work and usually lasts longer. A bad haircut takes longer to style and the results are not usually optimal. Find a reputable stylist in your area. Tell them your ideas and listen to their recommendations. 

Things you need to ask yourself before you decide on a style

 How much time do I have to commit to styling?  

 (You can’t half dry your hair and expect it to look finished and polished. Again, be realistic.) 

What kind of styling tools do I need to achieve this?  

Do I need to blow dry, flat iron or air dry? What are the best brands to use?  

(I know that styling aids can seem pricey in the salon but they are a higher quality product. You use less and they usually last longer. At least the products I carry in my salon are.) 

What shape works for you. 

Not every style works for everyone. I see it as the hat to your whole shape.  Your body shape, your clothing shape/style, hair texture, and face shape all need to be accounted for when choosing your haircut.  There are certain shapes that compliment other shapes.

 Body shapes and haircut shapes 

 The main haircut shapes are round, angular, square and rectangular. 

The main clothing shapes are round, square, trapezoid and rectangular. 

 Your body shape and clothing style affects this. You need to choose a “top” that compliments this. That would be your haircut shape. (This exercise reminds me of paper dolls [Symbol]) 

 You wouldn’t want to put a round haircut on a round body or clothing shape or a rectangular shaped haircut on a rectangular shape.   The idea is to make the most flattering silhouette.   

Once you choose the shape that works for you, you must also take in to account your face shape and head shape to complete the overall shape. 

 A good stylist will know these things and will be able to help you find your most optimum style.