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How to Use a Flat Iron

Flatiron can be your best friend or your worst enemy I have clients that come in  that use a flat iron I can tell right away if they’re abusing  a flat iron because the ends get a little mushy and a little broken and  what happens is it creates this scenario where they’re trying to Flatiron it more 
to get it smoother and smoother and then really breaking and when they’re using the Flatiron the wrong way so I tell my clients to make sure 
your hair is dry it has to be dry if you’re using that on damp hair the hair 
is still open you’re literally singeing and the steaming the moisture out of the hair so you’re actually drying your hair out which is going to create you know constantly trying to re-moisturize and try to smooth that hair what you should do is depending on your hair texture if you have thick coarse hair you can go in with the Flatiron on high heat but if you have medium to fine hair you don’t need to turn that dial all the way up it’s not going to make it work quicker you’re actually gonna make effective it’s gonna make it flat and just limp where if you do it medium.