The Best way to communicate with your stylist

So, you’re going to the salon for a new look. You have this idea in your mind, but you don’t know how to properly explain it to your stylist. Maybe you had this great haircut 10 years ago that you wish you could recreate, but that stylist is MIA. Ugh! My advice is this: Don’t try to explain what you want with just words. Your idea of “shaggy” and the stylist’s idea of “shaggy” might be two completely different styles. There are a zillion different ways to cut a bob, so the style in your head may not even resemble what the stylist has in mind. Here are a few things to note before your appointment that will help you best communicate your dream cut to your hairdresser.

 1. Bring pictures! A picture bridges the verbal gap. It doesn’t need to be described; its right there in print (or on your phone, as it usually is these days.) If you have a picture of yourself with that great haircut you once had, bring it with you! A good stylist will appreciate it and be able to work much more efficiently knowing what exactly it is you’reenvisioning. This doesn’t mean that you will get that exact haircut, as your texture and hair density will be the deciding factor. However, it is a great point to start, and your stylist should be able to explain to you what that particular style will look like on your hair.

2. Set your expectations. How often are you willing to have your hair refreshed? You can’t be a double processed blonde and expect to refresh your color every 6 to 8 weeks. It just won’t work. What products will you need to support your new style? Be realistic about the time you want to invest in your hair every day. Your stylist can help you with finding that perfect balance, but you need to be honest about it. If you wash your hair and then let it air dry, that might require an entirely different cut from someone who is willing to blow dry their hair every morning. Just be sure to set your expectations for maintenance before the scissors come out. And if they don’t ask, tell them anyway. 

3. If you love what they did, take a picture of it! As stylists, we can’t always remember exactly what we did last time. We see A LOT of clients. Even with highlights (although your color formula should be stored somewhere), color placement, especially with balayage, can’t always be remembered perfectly. A picture is a great reminder as to what was previously done and almost guarantees you’ll get it again. I see new clients reluctant to share these things with me sometimes, but I am the type to pull it out of you. That’s just me. Not all stylists think that way. If you are prepared with these ideas ahead of time and are willing to share, it will help you to achieve your desired look. Best of luck!