Using Thermal Protector: The Dos and Don’ts

Blow drying, curling and flat ironing can put a lot of heat stress on the hair, especially if your hair is already fragile. There are many different types of heat protectors on the market that protect the hair when you are thermal styling. How do you know which one is best for you?

Some products are sprayed on wet hair, while others are sprayed on dry hair. I recommend using the spray that is designed for wet hair. I’ve never liked the idea of adding a wet product on top of already dry hair and then immediately using a flat iron. In my opinion, wet hair and 400 degrees are just not friends. Just because you are using a “protector” doesn’t give you permission to heat your hair to oblivion.

If you are really looking to protect the hair, use a protector first, and then start blow-drying with a medium heat setting. This will keep the body in your hair. You can then go in to finish smoothing with a higher heat. This will maximize the effect of the thermal protector and send you on your way to healthier, smoother hair.