What To Do And Not Do With Your Hair And Skin

Just like any other part of your body, your hair and skin have needs. Paying attention to them and keeping them at their best is important. Doing so, however, doesnt have to be complex. With a few good tips and the right product selection, you can keep both looking their best all year long. 

Your skin is a delicate organ. You want to be sure to take the time to treat it right. To start, be sure youre prepping it for the products youre putting on it. Skin that has been gently scrubbed to remove dead cells is better able to then absorb whatever goes on it next. You spend a lot of money on serums and moisturizers and other items. You dont want them just sitting on top of the skin doing nothing. Also, try to wash and then apply additional products within roughly a four minute window so that you take advantage of opened pores. Cater the products to the kind of skin you have, and go for the best balance possible. 

When it comes to your hair care needs, the same basic formula applies. Get the best shampoo and conditioner that addresses YOUR hairs special requirements. You use them almost every day, they may as well be working FOR you, not against you. Your stylist is your biggest resource and can help you get the right product or plan to keep things in check and looking good. What would you like to see improvements in as far as your skin and hair?