Is there any help for my thinning hair?

Whether you are a man or a woman, thinning hair can be stressful. I tell you this from experience. I have always had thin, wavy and weak hair. I thank God every day that I am a stylist with the resources to camouflage it. But you don’t need to be a stylist to transform your own hair. There is a 95 percent chance that you can help your thinning hair yourself, without relying on things like hair extensions or gimmicky growth serums.

If you think about it, hair is a part of your body, and it grows. We all know things that grow need to be nurtured. Your hair is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside. Healthy hair is a healthy body!My beauty school teacher, Mario Ricciardi, shared this with me 30 years ago, and I will never forget it. He said that almost all men and women never need to go bald, and the biggest reason they do is because of clogged hair follicles, kind of like a blackhead, but on your scalp.An oily scalp tends to be mistreated. People are more likely to shampoo their hair more frequently with the intention of soaking up the oil. While this might seem logical, it’s actually the last thing you want to do. Drying up the excess oil will harden and clog the follicle. Instead, you should actually be using a shampoo that controls oil, and use light conditioner (not all conditioners are heavy and moisturizing).

When your hair is thinning, that means the follicle is clogging and hair is having a hard time coming out. You will notice on shorter hair that the strand can appear thinner and more wired-like because of the thickening of the oil. I put all of my clients with this problem on a six-week regimen using Lakme K-Therapy Active Shampoo along with their Shock Concentrate. It works by reducing inflammation and regulating the oil excretion. After six weeks, they should notice that their scalp is less red and the hair at the root area will actually feel thicker. They then continue using the shampoo and I also recommend using a preventative lotion after every wash to keep the follicle healthy. It has helped the majority of my clients!

This is just one of the many reasons for hair thinning. Your diet can impact your hair if you are not getting the proper nutrients. Thyroid conditions can inflame the hair follicle. Stress is another factor. The bottom line is, if your hair is thinning, your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it.

I mentioned hair extensions as a no-no for thinning hair. I am not a fan. Extensions put way too much stress on the hair, which will only cause more damage. It’s never a good idea to further damage weakened hair. Instead, consider finding a solution to the problem. Extensions are a band-aid. Proper care of your hair and your body is the permanent solution.